Backtalk in #Haiku. Sept. 1, 2014.


Art T should do Time.
Time mag’s Person of the Year.
Get working on it.

DeMoulas helps kids.
Some might call it child labor.
But those kids need jobs.

Art T DeMoulas.
Earns Man of the Century.
Nothing can top this.

Vacay for killing.
[caller wishes they could kill]
[they seem unstable]

Didn’t drive away.
Witnessed accident and helped.

Methadone clinic.
I lived next to one for years.
Really not that bad.

Detail Officers.
Watching movies on their phone.
That’s an easy job.

Red Sox and Foxwoods.
Those are both very pricey.
I like my children.

Prez is good at golf.
Could be a better leader.
I just don’t like him.

I hate pan handlers.
Why should they have any rights?
I don’t have any.

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