Back Off in #Haiku. 8/30/14.


[Captain Martini.
Playing tonight at The Safe.
Key Stoners there too.]

Sound Off

Fake cigarettes blow.
Pacifiers for adults.
Could just [joke withheld].

Art T’s warriors.
Fought the hardest of all fights.
They did it for us.

Thank-you other stores.
For making extra money.
That was brave of you.

Government action.
That’s what we all need more of.
MB taught us this.

That movie with that guy?
He wants to jump off a bridge?
It’s an MB life.

Joggers should wear lights.
Nobody hits Christmas trees.
I drive in my sleep.


Market Basket win.
Love the positive outcome.
Helps me to forget.

Best labor story.
Better than Sinclair’s Jungle.
Customers love you.

Senator Finegold:
Get that paperwork started.
Art needs a Nobel.

Bob the meat man.
Giving out hugs to cashiers.
Wonderful picture.

We should all stock up.
Like preppers after a vote.
With all that cash saved.

Art T. spent big bucks.
No coupons for entire chains.
That was nice of him.

Art T.’s comeback.
Greatest return since Twinkies.
I cried for Twinkies!

Did other stores learn?
Don’t gouge us and we might stay.
Shangri-La shelter.

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