Back Off in #Haiku. 8/29/14.



MB back in biz.
Looking forward to shopping.
Bringing the whole fam.

Workers should be proud.
Art T. fought for DeMoulas.
Art S. change your name.

Art S. can move now.
Plenty of cash to do so.
Nothing for him here.

Now I’m boycotting.
Big fan of some other store.
Kiss my butt good-bye.

Gooch and Thornton’s team.
Load up your little horses.
Aim for the sunset.

Incredibly proud of you.
I’ll be right over.

Good peaceful protest.
The workers kept it bloodless.
Never got ugly.

We are all winners.
Especially Arthur T.
It was a team thing.

Sound Off

The Board hurt workers.
On purpose for the protest.
That was the delay.

You’re all getting fired.
The deal isn’t going through.
I hope you’re happy.

Cops got a wrist slap.
Shouldn’t be that way but is.
Need real deterants.

God hates working class.
Parable of the talents.
Yelling at the help.

Cops are in danger.
Sharpton likes to leave this out.
Just wants more riots.

Can’t get profits back.
They’ll raise prices for us all.
You fought for nothing.


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