Back Off in #Haiku. 8/28/14.


[So it’s over. The story broke this morning well after whine liners fell asleep watching The Weather Channel but before the sun rose on another day they’ll never crawl out of their basement bunkers to actually see. I think the papers knew this was coming. Feels like a bit of a clearance sale today. It’s over.]


Stop bashing workers.
They have the balls to stand up.
You’re anonymous.

[boycott denier]
[worried they’ll starve to death]
[Prob’ly wicked fat]

“Get it together.”
“Take the signs down and fire them.”
[Backseat CEO ‘s.]

Diehard MB’s.
Don’t think I’ll ever go back.
Can’t handle drama.

Not in Dave’s Backyard.
Clinics should be far away.
Like near a landfill.

Lowell Officer.
Paid vacay for a DUIy.
Sends the wrong message.

Sound Off

[actual rerun]
How do you live with yourselves?
[ran this yesterday]

MB hostages.
[compared to real hostages]
[shoppers still have heads]

Plaistow police chief.
Should be chosen by voters.
Enough politics.

Please report break-ins.
Only gets worse if you don’t.
Police need numbers.

Hate TV lawyers.
Not the Law & Order guys.
The advertisers.

Casino fighters.
We could have been big winners.
We had a system.

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