Back Off in #Haiku. 8/27/14.


Sound Off

Plato and Saint Paul.
Both siding with Arthur S.
Confucius rolls eyes.

Just a big game show.
Hosted by Jerry Springer.
Camera filled warehouse.

Not a Scott Brown fan.
New Hampshire good luck with that.
Can’t name twenty towns.

Your Grampa was dumb.
Immigration’s harder now.
Stop patting your back.

[cliched hate for workers]
[the one about being greedy]
[Cut & Paste bullshit]


Michael Brown was bad.
The media won’t say that.
Cops got it all right.

Second D.U.I.
First got him six month vacay.
[I can’t write this one]

Obama’s time off.
Way less than Bush or Reagan.
Just counting mental.

A ticket removed.
After brief conversation.
Policy changes.

Cop related death.
The girl in the holding cell.
[not doing these ones]

More to life than food.
Bigger issues get ignored.
Dialogue starving.

Animal cruelty.
Vets now must report abuse.
Dog kickers read Sun.

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