Back Off in #Haiku. 8/26/14.



Religious riot.
Al Sharpton in Ferguson.
Throw a stone for Christ.

Senator Warren.
Has a new book coming out.
Buy it at Whole Foods.

Methadone clinic.
Pride Star is a bad neighbor.
And way more noisy.

Scooters and cycles.
Those guys don’t need insurance.
Why do cars need it?

Bernie was evil.
All just cameras and spending.
Kicking the herring.

MB diet plan.
Stopped eating all those cheap snacks.
So far down six pounds.

Sound Off

Gov. Rick Perry.
He isn’t all that corrupt.
Just really hates drunks.

I hate screaming kids.
Scream and scream the whole damn day.

No pets for poor folks.
Can’t afford to get them shots.
Puppies on welfare.

Media slanted.
Always siding with Israel.
Poor Helen Thomas.

Fountain has fallen.
Near the end of Berkley Street.
May it spout again.

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