Back Off in #Haiku. 8/23/14.


[Backtalk finally showed up again, clearly well rested. Nice work! High five! Sound Off stayed home.]

Golf is insulting.
No president should play golf.
There’s too much bad stuff.

Worst experience ever.
Someone towed my vehicle.

Art S. won’t catch on.
The shoppers support Art T.
Not just the workers.

New traffic pattern.
Freddy Krueger’s idea.
Nightmare when school starts.

Workers ruin stores.
They should just get back to work.
[whine whine bitch bitch moan]

Bus to Hannafords.
Stop crying about MB.
Fifty friggin’ cents.

Stop changing my town.
We were used to the one-ways.
Why do you hate me?

Put food on the shelves.
[produce and dairy went bad].
There is no boycott.

Employees greedy.
Choosing who they work under.
I’m miserable.

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