Back Off in #Haiku. 8/22/14.


Supposedly today marks the end of the Market Basket saga, meaning I’ll only have it as my main source of material from the Lawrence paper for another week or two. I’m happy for the workers, don’t get me wrong there. But the downtown traffic changes didn’t hold up their end of local interest among the cranks. No wonder The Sun hasn’t bothered to run Backtalk since Monday.

Sound Off

Cops can’t be soldiers.
Posse Comitatus Act says so.
Stop invading us.

Workers petty fight.
Don’t drag my ass into it.
Listen to Deval.

The Board killed the chain.
Not what they were hired to do.
They suck at this job.

Those bashing workers.
First thru the door when this ends.
Give them a high-five.

CEOs are whipped.
Do what you say or close up.
[backseat quarterback]

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