Back Off in Haiku. 8/18/14.


Sound Off

Paving completed.
Give or take massive pot hole.
Sidewalks will crumble.

Noise ordinances.
They are there for all of us.
Police will enforce.

I’m an old person.
Never told my boss what to do.
MB kids should learn.

Food shopping is fun.
All these wonderful new stores.
I’m way too happy.

Proactive police.
That isn’t what I’m seeing.
Arrest people NOW!!!


Art and Art should hug.
Just hug each other tightly.
Jesus would hug them.

Chickens and roosters.
Keeping Frank awake all night.
That’ll drive you nuts.

Competing health cares.
Not enough hugs in the world.
Those things just spread germs.

Traffic officers.
They should have reflective gloves.
And watch out for cars.

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