Backtalk and Sound Off. 8/16/14.


Sound Off

Let’s let the kids smoke.
They can do ev’rything else.
Like get abortions.

Not taking a stand.
Don’t see it as our battle.
Just want cheaper food.

Art S. will sell out.
Then the prices will go up.
Support the workers.

Take the damn signs down.
Get some restraining orders.
Enough with the games.

Too much noise out there.
We don’t need all the sirens.
Just serenity.

Methuen’s messed up.
Taxes increase ev’ry year.
Who voted for this?


Kool Aid aisle 4.
Arthur T. handing it out.
Break time is over.

Enough with the threats.
Put money where your mouth is.
Sell it to Art T.

Deval should stay out.
Here’s the secret he’s hiding:
Wife works for Art S.

Big boardroom secrets.
Bring him back and fire again.
I don’t think that’s right.

Not trusting Deval.
Only Art T. is worth hearing.
Consummate that deal.

Managers move up.
Glad they promote from within.
But why only dudes?

Art T. or nothing.
Arthur T above The Board.
I want Art T. back.

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