Backtalk and Sound Off in Haiku. 8/15/14


Sound Off

Just fire all of them.
The managers and workers.
Then shoppers return.

I’m not returning.
We all want our country back.
It’s more than a store.

Shoppers have free choice.
I choose to buy food elsewhere.
You greedy bastards.

Don’t waste tax dollars.
On unemployment bennies.
Workers walked away.

Welfare should run dry.
Social security will.
That seems suspicious.

Neighbors are quite rude.
Loud music and loud people.
Whither in the clouds.

One store at a time.
That’s how I’d rebuild MB.
Fire 90 percent.


71 stores.
Why can’t they just split them up?
Two names already.

The kids of Art S.
Really should disown the guy.
Inheritance dies.

Deval’s lawyer/wife.
Could settle the entire mess.
Let’s play Red Rover.

Just go back to work.
Millionaires don’t care bout you.
You still need your job.

Hannaford discount.
For seniors on Tuesdays.
Go pick up Mory.

Greek Orthodox Church.
They should fix Market Basket.
Prob’ly wouldn’t hurt.

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