Backtalk and Sound Off. 8/14/14.



Wasn’t Tony ‘s fault.
No way is he a killer.
Accidents happen.

Company burning.
Art S. plays a mean fiddle.
Get him overalls.

No pity for fools.
Mr. T is using you.
Workers be suckas.

Deval’s lawyer wife.
Working for the wrong Arty.
Cautious politics.

Hannaford Basket.
Spending all the same money.
Just don’t get as much.

Circular logic.
Lack of printing equals fear.
Shoppers mean business.

Cronies get the jobs.
Not the qualified people.
Nothing seems to change.

Sound Off

Thanks for your business.
But Art S. is a goat fart.
I can’t work for him.

Put your pants back on!
Time to get back on the clock.
We have a dress code!

Critics are morons.
Incredibly ignorant.
How’s that possible?

I hate Obama.
Nothing but total evil.
He has no conscience.

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