Backtalk and Sound Off in Haiku. 8/13/14.



Employees greedy.
They don’t care about vendors.
They deserve to starve.

Art S. gets no love.
Less popular than Congress.
High five there genius.

Art S. feels the love.
Big signs loudly thanking him.
From competitors.

Not supporting them.
Just can’t buy from empty shelves.
[shelves aren’t all empty]

Art S. & The Board:
You forgot your history.
Grampa is spinning.

Get guns off the streets.
Five long years of hard labor.
Really bad prison.

Gas line will be here.
There’s no way you can stop it.
Fighting just costs more.

Sound Off

The Board needs to go.
They should have seen this coming.
This hurts the tourists.

[really vague complaints]
[something about labeling]
[political stuff]

Just give him a chance.
Art S. could be what you need.
Feel the savior’s knee.

The Board shows mercy.
Fall before the merciful.
Before they sue you.

Carlton Fisk is nice.
Met him at a recent event.
Got an autograph!

Obama is worse.
Much much much worse than Nixon.
I don’t like that guy.

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