Backtalk and Sound Off in Haiku. 8/12/14


Both sides have decided to stop keeping score. Just another part of the wussification of America. Whatever. One less thing for me to worry about.

Sound Off

Stop blaming shoppers.
I’d shop there if there was food.
Fault falls where lines meet.

Power in numbers.
Workers are greater than boards.
Tug of War goes on.

Blaming the workers.
They’re the reason shelves aren’t stocked.
Your children will starve.

Just give up and work.
No one pays you to hold signs.
[more of the same shit]

Makes 200k a year.
Test scores don’t matter.

Plaistow police chief.
Right to let cop attend wake.
Critics are biased.


Not just the fam’ly.
The workers also have say.
Enough of the greed.

Workers know the Arts’.
Anyone who thinks they don’t…
Can take their ass elsewhere.

I am no hostage.
I believe in the boycott.
Bring back Arty T.

Let the workers own.
Give them a share of the store.
Then it will be theirs.

Lots of money tossed.
Right wing’s crybaby bullshit.
Enough with the stunts.

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