#SharkWeek is officially underway….



A shark bit a Lakeview boy swimming with his family in Lake Pontchartrain Friday afternoon. The attack happened off of Southshore Harbor.

Shelly Trentacosta said her family had borrowed a friend’s sailboat and ventured out into the lake. With conditions calm and the water clear, it was a much better day for swimming than sailing, so the boaters decided to anchor up and take a dip.

Everyone was enjoying the cool lake water and having a good time, including Trentacosta’s 7-year-old son, Trent.

“The kids were bunched up together playing, and Trent just started screaming,” Trentacosta said. “We started swimming to him, and I didn’t know what was going on. I grabbed his leg, and there was a lot of blood.”

Oh, your kid went swimming and got eaten? Yeah, no shit. It’s Shark Week, bub. Nobody that finds their limbs useful should be anywhere water. Oceans, Swimming pools, slip’n slides, the Shedd Park Splash Pad… ¡Es Prohibido Nadar! Get out of the water dummy! It’s Lollapalooza for sharks every August, and without fail, there will be at least a dozen stories from dumb founded people that learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to chum the water with Little Leaguers during Shark Week.

Also, I am passionately routing for Mitchell Chevalier to be eaten:

Many boaters are unaware there are sharks in Lake Pontchartain, but at certain times of the year, there are plenty, according to Mitchell Chevalier, who tags sharks for the University of New Orleans and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. That includes bull sharks, which are among the world’s man-eaters.

After being told of the attack on young Trent, Chevalier wondered if it was something other than a shark.

“Garfish are laid-back creatures, but if one was swimming by and his foot accidentally touched the nose of the gar, it might have snapped at him as a reaction,” Chevalier said.

His skepticism was rooted in the fact that most of the bigger sharks are out of Lake Pontchartrain at this time of year.

“Generally, your big female bull sharks aren’t in the lake right now. They’ve already moved in, pupped out and left,” Chevalier said. “Now granted, there are still 6-footers in the lake, but I’m speechless that one might have bitten somebody.”

No dude, I’m speechless. Garfish are laid back creatures? That’s a pretty broad generalization for something that’s swimming with 6 foot Bull sharks…in the f’n bayou of all places. I like to imagine that these guys with the over-the-top, casual nonchalance towards things that eat people…taste the best.

9 thoughts on “#SharkWeek is officially underway….

  1. hahaha dude your pretty funny try harder next time but i do not think you will get that wish. get your facts right, because you know absolutely nothing about sharks.

  2. Not only have I known Mitchell for 10+ years but I’ve swam and fished lake pontchartrain (not the bayou) for 35 years. Sharks have been in the lake for a long time. Don’t they have sharks at the beach too? Sharks can be found all over our coast. Does that not mean we should not go swimming?
    For you to say you hope Mitchell gets eaten by a shark for fishing them is a rather ignorant statement.
    That’s like me saying I hope you did of genital warts just because you have sex.
    Mitchell is well respected around here and is an expert on sharks. He works close with many agencies in catching, tagging and releasing them to learn more info about them.
    Again good luck with the genital warts!!
    Btw a close friend of mine was bitten by a 6ft gar fish so it does happen!!

  3. I love when people wander into Tobe’s blogs and take it as literal truth. As the guy from Frank’s blog said, the only reason to tune into Shark week is the hope that this may be the year that one of these shark experts gets eaten.

    • Do you not know what shark week was about it use be informational and aware the public and sharks. Now it ask made up fake stories. Again to say I hope one of these experts gets eaten. Is a little uncalled for just doing our job!! Learning more about the ocean and these beautiful creatures. Without them the oceans would fall apart. So I’ll ask another question being that I am a firefighter do you hope I get burned try to save a house????

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