Backtalk vs Sound Off in Haiku, Game 9.


Unfortunately I’m driving up to a show in central New Hampshire right now and don’t really have time to write an intro or a scoring explanation, so it’s another tie bringing us to 3-3-3. Should have an actual winner soon. Sorry about all the hard-hitting suspense.

Sound Off

Important question:
Where do fire fighters shop?
[not a kid’s riddle]

Cop got his gun back.
After threats to kill a guy.
Chief needs to explain.

Not even striking.
But Board uses busting tactics.
That’s gonna backfire.

Left wing hates workers.
They’re saying “get back to work.”
Nothing else makes sense.

Recycling pick-up.
Reason for changes vary.
Get your bullshit straight.


I’m no college kid.
But this town only wants them.
Old folks getting shoved.

I hate all unions.
But will respect MB workers.
Unions are Marxist.

Art S. benefits
From the hard work of Art T.
Shooting his own foot.

Hannaford prices.
I think they’ve gone up again.

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