Backtalk vs Sound Off in Haiku. Game 8.

Another tie. We’re at 3-3-2 now. Really is too bad there’s no way to go into overtime here. Honestly, both teams played a professional, well-structured game. But they were both missing that “it” factor. Just completely lacking in heart, passion, gusto. Where are the callers of yesterday? The ones who made you wonder how they calmed down long enough to dial the phone? Has anybody checked on them lately?

Sound Off

Merrimack college.
Prez shows up for photo ops.
But hides from neighbors.

Ebola panic.
Stuff doesn’t spread that easy.
We’re not the third world.

Too many raises.
Hav’rhill should slow down spending.
This ain’t a shore leave.

Smoking at the pumps.
Seems like a bad idea.
We should watch for that.

Police station roof.
Still leaking in Haverhill.
Maintenance slacking.


Challengers complain.
Then do same as incumbents.

Segway officers.
Burn more calories walking.
I blame the union.

Workers should just quit.
I’d be happy with their job.
[Might not qualify].

Real Americans.
Art T and all the workers.
Perfect description.

The LHA Board.
Murphy needs to find someone.
Get it back in order.


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