Backtalk vs Sound Off Game 7


In the spirit of the anti-worker rhetoric it’s been decided that there really are no winners. Series remains tied 3-3.

Sound Off

Shopping elsewhere now.
Not as bad as you might think.
Devil’s false comfort.

Unions did their job.
Companies killed the unions.
Workers still fighting.

I shop WalMart now.
People keep voting the same.
Voting for workers.

Getting on with life.
I think most folks are like me.
I stand with The Board.

Just don’t feel welcome.
Remove signs and hire greeters.
I want to be held.


Ray Robinson’s place.
Lowell won’t be the same now.
Forty-year staple.

Walking through pickets.
I have no problem doing that.
Ideals disgust me.

“Domestic abuse.”
Innocent ’til guilt proven.
Shield Law has reason.

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