Backtalk vs. Sound Off in Haiku, Game 6.


Lawrence came out swinging today with crank after crank spitting condescending, anti-worker sentiments. Complete overkill. Consequently they’ve been ejected from the game. Series tied 3-3.

Sound Off

Art T. was the heel.
Courts said he cheated his fam’ly.
Followers forget.

Millionaires fighting.
Not a concern of the poor.
Tables go empty.

Supporting workers?
I’m paying more’ cause of them.
Just close the store down.

Two weeks is enough.
You’re hurting ev’rybody.
Unemployment sucks.

MB fan for life.
Art S. should just take the dough.
Stop hurting people.

It’s Obama’s fault.
Ebola will immigrate.
CDC’s his bitch.

No terrorists here.
Ebola brought in by Gov.
We’re totally screwed.


Saying it again:
Art T. treated folks like fam.
Not the Board’s viewpoint.

Manager’s choices:
Two well-connected people.
Neither qualified.

12 Angry Men’s plot.
Does the protest trickle down?
What about farmers?

Bill’rica spending.
No money left for safety.
All spent on studies.

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