MB is Cursed and Game 5 of Backtalk vs Sound Off in Haiku.



Turns out there are much bigger issues for the DeMoulas family. You know what the media isn’t telling you about the Market Basket saga? Fiddle players, ghosts, and time travel. ‘Ceremonial Times‘ by John Hanson Mitchell , written in 1984 with a 2013 update, tells all about it. Apparently the land where they’re building the new store off exit 31 has old tribal issues. So we’re finally getting to what’s really going on with all this. I’ll try to finish reading it before the boycott ends. So far it’s a pretty enjoyable read with a similar style to William Least Heat-Moon. By the way, Lawrence wins this round bringing them up 3-2. How did Lowell not have a single Ebola entry?

Sound Off

Workers should form board.
Decide what else they might want.
Learn to compromise.

If the workers win,
They set a bad example.
Whole country crashes.

Art S. should be nice.
He’s hurting lots of people.
Follow Art T’s lead.

Pantry needs are up.
Board needs to hear the people.
Fast resolve would help.

Bleeding hearts must stop.
I’d shop there if shelves were full.
Window signs should go.

Ebola virus.
CDC screwed up smallpox.
Distrust teams with fear.

Ebola spreads quick.
No reason to bring it home.
Doctors can travel.


Art S. and The Board.
Don’t care about the people.
Wealth has their focus.

Resumé item:
Fired twenty-thousand people.
Bury that somewhere.

Just take the damn land.
Give Kaz a fair price for it.
Public Domain rules.

Don’t run MB ads.
Media should show support.
The regime must know.

I support Fleming.
Investigate all the rats.
Tommy wouldn’t lie.

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