Backtalk vs. Sound Off. 8/2/14 (game 4)

Screen shot 2014-08-02 at 9.42.05 AM

Lawrence showed up early. I’m writing this at 2 a.m. (when I should be playing hockey apparently) after shooting video of Captain Martini and The Key Stoners at Gemstones from the dance cages (not a long story, that’s pretty much everything). Just installed the Eagle Tribune app which works much better than the website and so far hasn’t begged me to subscribe.

9 a.m. Just got up and it looks like The Sun (also far less harrassy on the app) got their work done at 7. Feels like that’s a bit earlier than usual. Another clear indication that they’re starting to take this series seriously.

But back to those other guys for a minute. Not only did Lawrence show up early, they showed up looking to put numbers on the board. Unfortunately this led to a lack of diversity as all eight of their posts were MB’s (credit given though for throwing in a reference to a guy mostly known for sleeping around and threatening to cut a baby in half as an example of a wise man worthy of being looked up to by all. I couldn’t agree more).

But did the Backtalkers show up? Yes. With a far more solid game plan: limit to two MB’s, one complaint about illegal immigrants, a high water bill and a concern about bailouts. In the end each game is about the show and not the scoreboard. Lowell ties the series 2-2.

Sound Off

Artie S. don’t care.
Workers are fooling themselves.
Go back and move on.

MB fight got old.
I support all the workers.
But let shoppers be.

To MB workers:
Keep doing what you’re doing.
Supporters follow.

Solomon wisdom.
That should be the example.
Just go back to work.

Read lots on MB.
David Patnaude made the most sense.
Forgive and forget.

Shoppers won’t return.
Until concerns are addressed.
Logical demands.

Cut nose to spite face.
MB scares away shoppers.
Art S. lacks knowledge.

Job fairs empty threat.
There still won’t be customers.
Bullies get lonely.

Back Talk

Real high water bill.
Errors drench the earth.

Stupid idiots.
The job fair idea sucks.
Art T is needed.

Sun ran job fair ad.
Should have refused to run it.
Workers need support.

Rep. Marc Lombardo.
Fights taxes and illegals.
November comes soon.

General Motors.
Bailed out and still can’t build right.
Let the old ship sink.

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