Backtalk vs Sound Off in Haiku. 8/1/14



Day 3 and the Backtalkers seem to have finally won one. Coming out strong with $50,000 a year immigrants, 3 MB’s, plus guns and bikes. Not a bad showing at all. The Sounders had a respectable showing with 2 MB’s, a concerned tax payer, GMO foods, and a grateful cyclist. It was a tight one, but I’m giving it to Lowell. Lawrence still leading 2-1.


50k a year.
That’s what we pay illegals.
Stop paying they’ll leave.

Other stores pricey.
Some folks can’t afford protest.
Sun got that part right.

Job prospects seem limited.
McD’s won’t hire them.

CEO’s forget.
Why force workers to come back?
Still no customers.

Hey Warren Tolman,
Smarter guns won’t improve things.
People are stupid.

Garbage truck hit bike.
I’ve almost hit about ten.
Prob’ly the bike’s fault.

Sound Off

Haverhill school worm can.
Raises for ev’rybody.
Even janitors.

GMO food safe?
Joe Camel said smoking’s fine.
EPA sold out.

Merrimack college.
Massive burden to the town.
Horrible neighbors.

Company picks boss.
Not up to the employees.
That’s just how it works.

MB not losing.
Money’s just gone to workers.
How loyalty’s built.

Good Samaritans.
Helped me after my bike crash.
Example for all.

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