Backtalk vs. Sound Off in Haiku. 7/31/14.

Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 8.11.07 AM

Day 2 of Lowell vs Lawrence and the DeMoulas family wins with 7 out of 9, each team playing an “I can’t drive” but with Lawrence clearly pulling ahead in the pro-board category (all five of Law Town’s entries are MB-related) and Lowell grabbing a left-turn in the form of supporting local farmers. Overall though between the towns Lawrence pulls out another clear victory. Not quite as decisive as yesterday’s win, but unquestionable nonetheless.


I’m going local.
Hannaford imports their meat.
I hate shopping now.

I don’t have a car.
Cabs to the store are pricey.
MB was next door.

Lombardo, you suck.
Talking about kids like that?
You’re embarrassing.

Greed’s killing FolkFest.
Why do they charge for parking?
That’s less dough to shops.

Sound Off

MB Board does squat.
The WalMart shelves are now bare.
The Board must grow up.

Family issues.
Customers will not be fooled.
Prices will go up.

MB cheap and near.
DeMoulas fam hurts us all.
Bury the hatchet.

Management choices.
Not as easy as you think.
Where is Art T. now?

MB customers:
Let the fam’ly keep fighting.
Just ignore the strike.

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