Backtalk in Haiku. 7/30/14.


Day… I don’t know. The button I was making slash marks with wore out.

I feel like the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune cranks are a little more dedicated. They actually started crying ‘Hitler’ and ‘Taliban’ in defense of Gordon College. That’s an adorable level of cranky. Come on Dunstable and Chelmsford! Step it up! Yesterday you gave me literally nothing to work with and you weren’t much better today. Show me some of that work ethic you like to brag about. Tell me Obama is secretly behind the Market Basket situation in a sinister plot to make you ride bikes to Trader Joe’s to buy vegan salsa made with BenGhanza beans. Please?

MB’s low prices.
Result of honest workers.
Good boss means less theft.

City GPS.
Fast life-saving responses.
Bill’rica’s too cheap.

Let Kaz move buildings.
Fix it up for city use..
Give him his land back.

2 thoughts on “Backtalk in Haiku. 7/30/14.

  1. In my experience, “Taliban” isn’t helpful. I’d bet “Hitler” is worn out. Is there a politically correct villain out there, I don’t know about?

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