Backtalk in Haiku, 7/24/14


Day 11. I know this because I’ve taken a button off my uniform and have been using it to make marks on a cinderblock wall. Those old audio files I mentioned a few days back are now on Backtalk’s official page.

I hear some of the people who used to buy groceries at Market Basket have moved onto WalMart. Hannaford I can understand. But WalMart? What is wrong with you?

Anyway, here you go…

Sacrifices not martyrs.
Martyrs have purpose.

Nashoba Tech locked.
I want my tennis courts now!
I’m not a tax cheat!

Young people begging.
Standing in intersections.
Oughta be a law.

Deval owns mountains.
Just send the Mexikids there.
We can’t afford them.

The Pres forgets stuff.
Said the feds will pay for kids.
Tax payers are feds.

Detail Officers.
Getting the big ol’ paycheck.
Ain’t doin’ their job.

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