Backtalk in Haiku. 7/17/14.


[please note: Day 5. Where did the usual cranks go? Of the few messages today there’s no racism, only two people asking for the heads of an entire workforce, only one anti-environmentalist, and one person actually standing up for kids. This can’t be right. Or maybe it’s just always light on Thursday and they publish the things that have gotten backburnered. I don’t know, I haven’t been studying them that long. But again, no punchlines have been added. All I did was change the wording to fit the haiku form. I don’t know how serious any of these people are, so there is the possibility that this is satirizing satire or trolling. Probably not though. Visit the Sun’s page for original wording. ]

Fireworks in Dracut.
Lots of folks lighting them late.
Replace all the cops.

Stop blaming the kids.
Old farts talked during a wake.
Kids were respectful.

Pipeline through Dracut.
Four selectmen say ‘maybe.’
Perhaps it’s pretty.

Thumbs down to Congress.
Just replace all the bastards.
Ev’ry goddam one!

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