Backtalk in Haiku. 7/15/14.

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Backtalk in Haiku. 7/15/14.
[please note: no punchlines have been added. All I did was change the wording to fit the haiku form. I don’t know how serious any of these people are, so there is the possibility that this is satirizing satire or trolling. Probably not though. Visit the Sun’s page for original wording. ]

Marilyn Monroe.
Chelmsford’s July 4th parade.
I just don’t get it.

Good opinion piece.
We need a revolution.
Where’s the sign-up sheet?

Folks don’t use trash cans.
They just throw shit ev’rywhere.
They should relocate.

Phoney baloney.
Sun supports Hobby Lobby.
Dems are hypocrites.

Dems pro-abortion.
This is the term The Sun used.
I agree with it.

Tewksbury Mahal.
Just totally uncalled for.
I want slot machines.

Pres short excuse list.
Blame Bush or claim ignorance.
He should take command.

Cars on Boulevard.
Playing music quite loudly.
Police should step in.

Pricey ambulance.
For a kid bit by a dog.
Just get a limo.

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