Backtalk in Haiku. 7/14/14.



[please note: I don’t plan on doing this every day. No punchlines have been added. All I did was change the wording to fit the haiku form. I don’t know how serious any of these people are so this could be the accidental satirizing of trolls, but probably not. Visit The Lowell Sun for original wording].

Whitney Ave tree gone.
But a big hole still remains.
Three years and counting.

Rep Mark Lombardo.
Staying on top of budget.
The Governor sucks.

Immigrants are bad.
They know how to get welfare.
But don’t take trash out.

Dems are socialists.
Taxing all the hard workers.
Take votes from brown folks.

Casino money.
Already spent by the state.
No casinos yet.

Pres helps foreign kids.
Can’t help Mexican people.
Hurts Americans.

City Manager.
Way too much stuff to deal with.
Clearly last guy’s fault.

Israel should drop bombs.
Like bomb the crap out of them.
The US should help.

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