30 year contract extension in Lowell.


We’re staying. Two kids, a transplant wife, and a Beagle.

There are probably a million towns between here and Boston that probably make more sense geographically for raising my family. If you’re a school system rankings kind of guy, the USA Today, Coaches, and the BCS Computer are all suggesting that we’re still chasing Lexington. But I can’t shake this place. I love it. I love the range. I love the history. I love the culture. I love the comedy. I love the sadness. I love the embarrassment. I love New Lowell. I love Old Lowell. I love the Asian Boyz and TRG.  I love the pride. I love the disdain. I love the indifference. I love the people who are passionately burning calories to make the place better, and I love the shitbirds that continue to make them feel like they HAVE to make the place better. I love reputation. I love disproving the reputation. I love Lamp.

…now back to the regularly scheduled “mean spirited” blogs.

2 thoughts on “30 year contract extension in Lowell.

  1. Stockholm Syndrome!

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