First Thursdays in Lowell

What is First Thursday? You’ve got me. I’m not really sure. On the surface it looks like a highly organized Thirsty Thursday, but I’m getting the impression it’s BYOB. Either way, these are the types of events where people actually want to meet each other. (Weird, I know) Perhaps you discover a little something about the neighborhood that you didn’t know before. And with the right attitude, you can still end the night with your accustomed blackout and/or fist fight. So quit being a moob and get down there and check it out.

4 thoughts on “First Thursdays in Lowell

  1. Wait, I’m on one of those shows. It’s all ages? I have to go write some new stuff.

  2. I’m assuming none of this will take place in Centralville?

  3. So that explains the Dixieland band that was marching across Market Street about an hour ago. It was a lot of fun.

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