Lowell Police take to Youtube to show the world that Centralville truly is the gateway to hell. (Updated)

(Update: Not that it should need to be clarified, but this blog is not affiliated with the Lowell Police Department.  This is a video taken from Youtube.  It is not the Lowell Police Department that are making fun of Bridge Street or Centraville for that matter….just everybody else.)

This video tells it like it is. The mouth of Bridge Street is circles 4 through 7 of hell. Even a video of cops with funny Mayor Quimby accents can’t help the cause. You’ve got it all:

Shitbums crossing “the most dangerous intersection evah” void of any sense of urgency.  Where is he going? To work no doubt.

twominutes to cross

Pontiac Aztecs making their own lanes. (As far as I know, the only other documented driver of Pontiac Aztec cooked meth in New Mexico.  Smaht profiling by the LPD.)


People in motorized chairs breaking the sound barrier in crosswalks.


More high performance vehicles than all of Dubai.

Bridge Street Porshcehigh performance

Is that Gary Fischer himself?  That’s a lot of suspension.  How pumped was this guy when he realized they weren’t checking warrants today?

Mountain Bike

And last but not least…the fashion.  Its like the Champs Elysees….if it had a bout of food poisoning.


45 thoughts on “Lowell Police take to Youtube to show the world that Centralville truly is the gateway to hell. (Updated)

  1. This is the Lowell Police making these insulting comments. I really hope these people do not get a peek at this. The Lowell Police should be a little more professional than this, acting like bullies insulting residents and people commuting through the city. I believe we pay you to do police work.

  2. This is total bs! I have been living in Centraville for 15 years and its a lovely neighborhood. I don’t think this is funny at all.

    • I’m a relatively new resident, up on 10th Street, and I really like the area. But I’ve gotta agree, this intersection is pretty horrible, due mostly to people (both drivers and pedestrians) who just don’t/won’t obey the traffic signals and basic laws of common decency and respect for each other!

  3. M…you realize this blog is not written by the police, right?

  4. Deleted by Moderator…Fuck the Police is in the penalty box. You can find him somewhere in Centralville “handle-en his own shit.”

  5. I cross twice as slow on week days.

  6. The video itself was great.the comments that are written under the pictures are highly insulting.

  7. Clearly this is ‘M’s’ first trip to the Cabot. The comments are hysterical. Unless you’re the guy on the mountain bike, I’m not sure why you’d be so insulted? Then again, everybody needs something to be outraged about.

  8. Instead of being insulted by a post on a tongue and cheek blog, how about being outraged that this intersection has looked and behaved like this for a solid 5 plus decades.

  9. The only thing that is more funny than this blog are all the outraged Centraville folk concluding that it is the Police that are making fun of them.

    PS. Thanks for getting the comment section going again..like MrMillcity all over again. I love it.

  10. Well how about fixing the lights? So they don’t all open and close at the same time!!!!!

  11. Right cause this is important shit, there is someone being stabbed and shot every other week in that neighborhood, and LPD’s concern is monitoring traffic!

    All that area is, is a money pit for them to produce tickets a friend of mine got a ticket there, it was a day after a stabbing in my driveway. Their priorites are a bit off..

    • so what should the lpd do then? if it was the DAY AFTER a stabbing, should they have been standing in your driveway waiting with their spider senses to tell them where the NEXT stabbing will be?? maybe smelling the driveway to see if they can pick up the scent of the bad guy? Give me a break…

    • Yup. Because nobody ever gets hurt in car accidents so there’s no point in addressing them just because because they’re totally preventable or at least reducible. So why are you commenting about a blog when there are so many bigger issues to speak out against? Seems hypocritical.

  12. From now on I will definitely walk slower hahahaha….

  13. Honestly centraville is pretty shitty, I’ve lived there for 20 Years and the lower sections are nothing but violence crack and heroin there’s stabbings shootings and a whole fuck ton of drugs there all the time I love the city but to be honest it is dumpy and centraville is the drain to all the shit of the city

  14. Shame on Sons of Franky Cabot for making Centralville look bad. In real life, this blight doesn’t actually exist.

  15. This is the worst intersection in lowell and the only way for people in Centerville to get downtown. I don’t care who put this up,but obviously you’re so high up on the food chain that you don’t have to walk so to you i say, “shame on you, you piece of sh#¡t” sleep well scumbag.

    • No, there’s Aiken up stream and some back roads downstream. Or people can just start doing more business north. Maybe they can find the house in Pelham where the mayor grew up and turn into something touristy.

  16. Still not as bad as Dracut!

  17. I love Lowell! fukn pissah!

  18. It was comedy gold initially but it’s gone double-platinum now with the Centerville Image Truthers going to DEFCON 1 with outrage… Against the cops!

  19. Have u lived there?

  20. I did! I lived on West Third St. For a couple of years and fourth St. This would have been during the late 80’s. Every once in a while when I want to get my drag on, I return to the hood for a mani at Foxy nails! So, am I qualified now to enjoy the humor?

  21. If you think centralville in lowell is wonderful then youre clearly one of the ghetto white trash “mill city” people. Place is a shitshow, shithole and i cant even.stand.to see.this shit hole on my way to work everyday (cause i dont live off the system) all comments making fun of lowell crack me up

  22. Technically speaking, you are able to turn right on a red light.. Without there being a sign telling you not to do so.. Inform yourself before you try to inform others. They probably cause more traffic violations trying to make this film

  23. You shoulda been there in the ’60s when the Hells Angels lived on Second St. Or were you?

    • Lived on Christian Hill, centralville first 24 yrs of my life. Loved it . Great place to grow up. Now down on Bridge st and west of there. Well that was where all you could want was.

  24. we really need to show better press to the world

  25. Very truthful. The sheer presence of pure scum concentrated here is quite remarkable.

  26. Really? Physically capable? Do you even personally know the women is that motor chair?!
    Cuz I do! And she needs that chair your ignorant asshole!! Don’t be talking about things you know nothing about how insulting!

  27. Lowell is bad, and so is centralville. But to a person or a family that grew up in lowell, its home, why? cause we can find the goods about it and tune out the bad of it all. That intersection is bad, but only to newcomers or people that dont drive through there often, and most of the accidents i believe is mostly caused by people that just either recently moved there, have been intoxicated, or perhaps just felt intimidated by the traffic behind them when its a red light. Sometimes when the light haven’t even turned yet, already theres a person like 3 to 5 cars behind you honking their car, which tbh can make people react uncontrollably. but this video alone, isnt giving any justice, nor is it really addressing the problem, its not from the people thats been living there, its from the recent occupants that just moved to the area.

    • I agree…it could be worse…yes it’s kinda crappy and there’s losers and drugs but you can find that anywhere…some just disguise it better than others (people in Centerville don’t really see a need in disguising it..lol). I live in Centerville and I don’t like it but I make the best of it and treat everyone with courtesy until they show their rudeness and act like a shithead, then I treat them like they treat me. But that intersection is bad.And why do cars that are coming from 110 in the left lane, stop at the lights on bridge st. and make a RIGHT turn down Lakeview Ave on purpose!?

      • yes that’s me coming from cap and you assholes won’t let me in the right lane

  28. Sure, its a bad intersection…If you suck at driving. Put down the cell phone, turn your shitty music down, put your eyes on the road and those important things call signs, and fricken concentrate people. Not hard, just common sense. How the hell do you people complaining manage driving in a real city like Boston?

  29. So that is me in the crosswalk, I was visiting my DYING father and I would really like to thank you for having a good laugh at my expense, and spread it all around Lowell, are you friends with the LPD? Or of any importance? People downtown Lowell seems like you are down there alot…Just wanted to say I thought your little write up was funny … See you soon 🏃

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