Wheely’s Coffee Bike in Lowell? #BIKECITY

Ummm…so do I quit my job now and get on my Wheely or do I wait for the masses to arrive when Corey Belanger moves LHS out of town? I mean, I don’t want to be the guy that puts Andy Jacobson out of business. But let’s be honest, I pretty much already own the bike lanes. I’ve got an intoxicating personality. And I will pedal that Box of Joe anywhere. I will come to you…as long as you don’t live in Centralville. (We can all agree that Centralville is the Bermuda Triangle for Bikes and large denominations of cash, right?) I’ll live for my customers. I’ll even go as far as sourcing a little “extra kick” aka pure Columbian Arabica if you know what I mean, for all you caffeine junkies (which will probably mean I will have to go to Centralville). As I said, I will live for my customers.

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