2 thoughts on “#BostonStrong

  1. I’m wondering, there’s a decent amount of intertube chatter that wants to paint Bostonians as a bunch of bitches, because we did not resist the “tyranny of the shelter in place” order.

    Now, I couldn’t give two shits what some survivalist in VT thinks about what went down in Watertown. But, did we roll over to easy? Or, did we facilitate the apprehension of terrorists by cooperating with the authorities?

    I tend to accept the latter. If only because I know how much liberty I would willing concede for such a cause. At some point, I would ‘come out of my shell,’ as it were.

    Do we barter freedom for a stable state?

  2. I endured that event by day drinking with an espresso pizza in front of me. So if that falls under tyranny, then consider me a double biiiiii-atch!

    That said, long ago I instinctively decided to not purchase a boat and store it in my back yard because supposedly terrorists like to hide in them. I also hate boats. So I was proactively helping with the apprehension by keeping my back yard free of obvious terrorist hiding spots.

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