Tis’ the season. #BIKECITY

Here’s Martha’s Vineyard native Lucas Brunelle’s “Line of Site” film featuring the best of the best in Global Alley Cat racers. These guys are amazing.

Why am I posting this? Because my hog is just about ready for the season. It’s going to be me, @marianika, and all of Mill City’s finest DUI convicts roll’n heavy in the bike lanes. Make sure you beep or give me one of those truck driver fist pumps out the window…it makes me pedal faster. Boom…#BIKECITY

And if you’re thinking about joining the pedal posse, but need gear or tune-ups, consider paying a visit to the lads down at City Bike


or if your a tinkerer/DIY’er…Lowell Makes has the rig you need to get the job done.


One thought on “Tis’ the season. #BIKECITY

  1. Or if you don’t feel like leaving the house but still feel like riding around the area on your stationary bike I can help you here:

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