Wicked Shitty? More like Wicked Awesome. Slainte!


Lowell Sun

LOWELL — After 81 years in business, Corey Belanger said it’s time for Majors Pub to reinvent itself.

Belanger, who has owned the downtown pub since 2001, and is just its third owner overall, recently announced that Major’s will change its name to Wicked Irish Pub n Grill later this year.

“We’re just changing with the times.” he said in a recent phone interview, adding that the bar for many years served blue-collar downtown workers from businesses such as Courier Corp. and Joan Fabric. “This place has a rich history, dating back to the Prohibition Era. But it’s time to gear up for the 21st century.

“We’re very excited. This is not an easy choice to make.”

Belanger said the bar will begin its transformation in early August, about a week after this summer’s Folk Festival.

“We’ll have a ‘Farewell to Majors’ week,” said Belanger, who was elected to the City Council last fall. He said the week will feature an auction of Majors replica, as well as other promotions and T-shirts.

I love it! Councilor Corey doing it big and giving all of us a taste of how great downtown can be if you just give him the keys. The Wicked Irish Pub and Grill. Fantastic! The only thing I can think of that is slightly less subtle would have been “Massholes Drink for Free Pub” or the “Mickey Wahd’s my Cousin Tavern.” And it makes sense. If you can’t get the stench of the Dubliner out of the floor boards (or the coke residue and the hookers out of the basement), the only logical thing is to hang a Tri-Color on the front door, stick a hurley behind the register, and add a bowl of piping hot Dinty Moore Stew to the menu aaaaannnndd…Failte! Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s The Wicked Irish Pub!
h/t to KPax.

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