At what point did all of Europe become a bunch of Vajay’s???

Seriously? Our biking “infra” isn’t up to European standards? Good. The last thing we need over here is a bunch of timid Dutchmen clogging up our one, unprotected bike lane. Hey Hans, Sorry we all can’t pedal across the mass of our country in 45 minutes. Our GDP relies on our chubby asses bending the struts on a Honda Civic 5 times a week. As far as I’m concerned, we’re doing just fine in the bike infrastructure department. It keeps our game face sharp and our focus strong. It keeps us from turning into soft Norwegians who can’t take a hill…

PS. You ever wonder what a world without Comcast looks like? Trondheim, Norway.

Double PS. I wouldn’t be disappointed if someone installed one of these on Hovey Street.

h/t to Jack Mitchell.

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