Just wanted to give a shout out to my ole’ hood.

Wentworth 2Wentworth


The storm moved through the region Saturday night into Sunday, causing roads to flood and even a sinkhole to open up in Waltham. Another sinkhole opened up on Route 4 (Boston Road) in Chelmsford when a culvert collapsed during Saturday night’s heavy rain

In one Lowell neighborhood, crews spent Monday morning pumping water from residents’ basements. Lowell Firefighters used a boat to get around Wentworth Avenue.

That’s quite the puddle. Been thinking of you guys over there all day…and those awesome Letter of Map Amendments we all got so we could tell the banks where they can shove their flood insurance requirements. Suck it, Bank of America! Kiss my ass, JP Morgan! The only 100 year event happening over there is the LPD actually shutting down raucous above ground pool parties.

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