WCAP March Badness

From WCAP’s Merrimack Valley in the Morning Show’s Facebook page:vote

Regular caller “Joe from Lowell” has set the field for the 980 WCAP Talk Host Tournament. And the brackets have set up an Elite 8 showdown between Morning co-hosts Teddy Panos and Austin Fontanella.

Here are all the matchups. Vote for who you would like to see advance:

#1 Warren Shaw vs. #8 Chris Poublon
 #2 Teddy Panos vs. #7 Austin Fontanella
#3 Jack Baldwin vs. #6 Frank McCabe
#4 Ryan Johnston vs. #5 John MacDonald


So many things wrong here.  As my colleague here at the Cabot, Tobes, stated, where is ‘Beatles & Before’ in this arbitrary ranking system?  No nominations for local rabble-rouser Tom Duggan and his Valley Patriot programming?  And how about the new Queen of WCAP, Kerry,…not even in the running?  To quote the great Vince Vaughn, “ERRONEOUS!”

And most insulting…. #6 Ranking of yours truly?!

In any case, vote your conscience…and by “conscience”, I mean “McCabe”

Here is where you can cast your votes to the Final Four in this fraudulant and flawed system.

2 thoughts on “WCAP March Badness

  1. Not to mention the rest of the ladies feeling slighted for not getting even one invitation to the “Big Dance.” No Danielle McFadden, no Mara Dolan and no Casey Crane.

  2. On to the FInal Four against the formidable Ted Panos. Social media is my only hope since Teddy Boy has, ya know, 19 more hours per week than me on air!!! We should extend voting tomorrow until 12PM giving me a fair chance to plead my case during our program!

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