Upskirting: We hardly knew ya

Lowell Sun News – ‘Upskirt Ban made law’

Ban ‘upskirt’ photos (H 3934) — Senate 39-0, approved and Gov. Patrick  signed into law a bill banning the covert photographing, videotaping or  electronic surveillance of someone’s sexual or intimate parts, regardless of  whether those parts are naked or covered by clothing or undergarments.  

The measure was filed and taken up one day after the Supreme Judicial Court  had ruled that  a man who took “upskirt” cellphone photos on the MBTA did not  violate state law because the women did not have a legal expectation of privacy  and were not nude or partially nude.   

Sad times here in the Commonwealth.  Upskirting is now officially (and legally) banned.  Just when we thought this depraved and obscure practice was going mainstream, it is now taboo.  Somewhere in America, Anthony Weiner is shaking his head in sadness.  Somewhere in (we’ll just say) ‘heaven’ (to be nice) Ted Kennedy is making one final toast to this raucaus ritual he surely would have endorsed during his earthly time.  Perverts everywhere mourn this latest and greatest craze to get a up close and personal peak at an unsuspecting stranger’s “initmate parts”.   Membership to the PTSOM (Peeping Tom Society of Massachusetts) is rapidly declining given this new legislation.  What is happening in America people?

Rest in Peace Upskirting, we hardly knew ye.

P.S. Who gets to officially coin terms like ‘upskirting’?  Sounds like a fun job and one that the contributors to this blog would be quite good at performing.  Maybe I will file legislation to make that happen?  USA! USA! USA!

P.P.S. We discussed upskirting and it’s virtue during last week’s F n K Show (formally the Can I Be Frank program) which you can catch every Friday from 11:00AM-12:00PM on 980 WCAP.  Take a listen if you missed it The F n K Show 3.7.14


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