Merrimack Valley Yelp Reviews: A Lawrence McDonalds


My McDonalds experience began with a bathroom emergency in the heart of Lawrence
and I suppose it ended a few hours later with another bathroom

I went with the #3, Quarter Pounder, obviously with cheese.
 My request for a medium-rare patty was met with a compliant nod, and a shout to
the back in a language I am not familiar with.  (I imagine it was French based
on the perception that French is the preferred language in all culinary

The fries were cooked slightly short of perfection, which had
me questioning the drive and work ethic of the chap who was operating the fries.
 “C’mon bro, the fries are the heart and soul of this dish.  You gotta mimic the
arches when generously salting those bad-larry’s.  There’s ten kids over at
Burger King that would kill for this job.”

The whole trick to enjoying McDonalds is making sure something makes it onto the tray that can trick the
palette into forgetting about that questionable beef product that just rolled
through the neighborhood.  Perfect fries usually is enough, but when the chefs
are having an off day, there are alternatives.  Lucky for me, it’s Shamrock
shake season…a vanilla shake with green food coloring….somehow changing the
view out the picture window from Lawrence triple-deckahs to the rolling hills of
County Mayo.

3 stahs!

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