Winterfest couldn’t be coming at a better time.


Lowell Sun

LOWELL — As shoveling weariness rises with snow-fall totals, a 49-year-old Dracut woman is accused of assaulting a police officer in a dispute that was triggered after she repeatedly refused to move her snow-bound car for a plow.

After Teries S. Isckarus, of 141 Thissell Ave., unit 24, finally agreed to move her car during the Monday afternoon incident, the officer discovered the car was not registered. When the officer tried to remove the plates, Isckarus allegedly grabbed his wrist to stop him and struggled while being arrested, according to court documents.

The officer noticed the snow and ice around her car was unsafe. Speaking to her inside her home, the officer told her if she refused, he would have the vehicle towed and she would pay the cost. She refused.

When the officer went outside with Isckarus following, she slipped and fell on the snow and ice surrounding her car. After helping her up, the officer was notified that the car’s registration was revoked for insurance reasons. Isckarus insisted she had paperwork inside that would show her car was legally registered.

As the officer used a screwdriver to remove the license plates, Isckarus allegedly grabbed the officer’s wrist and pulled it away from the plate, police allege. She was told to move away, but she continued to move toward the officer, police allege.

At one point, police say Isckarus yelled to her children to “come out here and cry,” police allege. Police asked her children to retrieve from the house the paperwork, which they did, but it didn’t prevent Isckarus from being arrested.
Winterfest couldn’t be coming at a better time.  Parking Ban’s, Scraping, Shoveling, It’s the worst.  I can’t say I blame Teries here for her lapse in sanity.  I think we’re all right there on the cusp.  Lucky for us, we’ve got the Winterfest waiting for us with open arms at weeks end.  After couple of adult cocktails and a little bit of twerking in Club Celcius, you won’t even see the snow anymore.

SOFC Olympics Midweek Update: Not From Sochi

We’re just about up to our necks in Olympics now…assuming you haven’t figured out that the Olympics were actually held a month ago and NBC is carefully tape delaying the shit out of us.  Since I don’t operate on Russian time, I’m going to throw this one back out to our Sochi correspondent, Alysha Lynch for the latest through the midweek:

If you missed previous updates.

Alysha’s Best Moments through the mid-week:

Sochi eyes

1.       Bob Costas being replaced by Matt Laurer:  Sorry Bob, but your run as the longest Olympic host since the Olympics moved to NBC is over.  We know this isn’t permanent but maybe this will teach you a “life lesson” next time when you decide to wash your face with not so clear looking water.  Your parting moments with Mary Carillo were pretty funny, taking shots of Russian vodka on tv like you didn’t give a fuck when really you were dying on the inside knowing NBC’s golden boy Matty L was on his way in to start practicing his lines.    And so far I must say Matt is a breath of fresh air, I feel like he is taking his reporting to a whole other level.  So take your time healing Bob, we don’t want to see you back until your eyes are normal color and you aren’t wearing those silly glasses anymore!

Editors note: If you don’t believe Matt Laurer wasn’t farting on Bob’s pillows, I don’t want to know you. Continue reading

If Obama were really an American…

…he’d sign an executive order declaring all bars open for Saturday’s puck drop against the Red Army.  As it stands right now, he’s probably shuffling around the White House in his Tretiak jersey.

So far, I have an unofficial confirmation that Whipple will not be open.  Any other Lowell bars planning to get your Kegs’n Eggs on while our Hockey team rips the heart of the Soviet soul…let us know.


It’s Girl Scout cookie season… keep your head on a swivel (YouTube Gold)

Very rude indeed.  It’s not all samoas, thin mints, and smiles during cookie season.  Let this be a lesson to girl scouts in the valley.  Make sure you keep your cookie money jar away from cookie monsters. 

Are you thinking the same racist thought I am?

…that all black guys suck at color commentary on self-shot camera videos? Just an endless chain of “Yo? “Ohhhhhhhs!”and “Yeah!Yeah’s! Yo!” “Hold up! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhh!” “Uhh Ohhhhh! Yoooooooooo! “ It doesn’t matter if it’s a brawl on World Star Hip Hop or a clearly under-supervised and under-medicated child at Chuck’E Cheese. Like come on bro, if you’re going to post 5:00 videos, don’t make us work so hard.

Lights in Lowell a lot Dimmer


Photo respectfully stolen from Lowell Sun

The City of Lowell is a darker place today. This week we say goodbye to one of its brightest stars, Tom McKay. Tom McKay was one of the most recognizable, active and socially responsible citizens in this city’s history. I could write a whole lot of words outlining all of Tom’s professional accolades as a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist over the past 50 years, but I want to tell you about the man.

If you did not know Tom, I honestly feel bad for you. Tom was one of the most electric personalities you could ever meet. When Tom McKay walked in to a room, you knew it. He lit it up. I am not sure whether it was his big Irish smile, his always dapper appearance or that unmistakable voice? I am not sure it was any of those things. Tom just had “presence”. And when you had the great fortune of being in Tom’s presence, you knew you were about to be entertained.

Tom had an uncanny ability to make everyone around him feel welcomed. As one of my family’s closest and oldest friends, I had the luxury of being around Tom my entire life and I can say with conviction; it was always an ‘event’.

“How ah ya, buddy?” was one of Tom’s signature greetings when he reached to shake your hand. Many have joked that Tom called everyone ‘Buddy’ because he could not remember your name. The irony is Tom McKay was everybody’s buddy. He really was. Tom lured followers and friends like the Pied Piper. Perhaps the greatest story teller I have ever known, Tom’s charisma was captivating and you did not want to miss one minute of his wit and banter. Tom had a story (some may have been exaggerated) for every occasion and every audience. All of them were priceless. If stories can be considered gifts, then Tom was Santa Claus.

A devout Catholic, Tom was always one to give his time, energy and resources to those in need. When it came to charity and giving, Tom never said the word ‘no’. Both personally and professionally, Tom gave to any worthy cause that crossed his path.

While Tom led a very busy professional life, he was a family man to the core and they were always his first priority. His devotion and affection for his wife Lori and daughters Jennifer and Meredith were unwavering and always obvious. Tom was blessed with two beautiful granddaughters and in his last days another blessing came in to Tom’s world; his first grandson, James THOMAS. Oh the stories you will hear, Little “T”.

Yes, the city of Lowell and beyond is a darker place, but the Kingdom of Heaven is surely brighter with Tom in it.

Rest easy, Buddy, we all loved ya.

SOFC Olympics Update: Not From Sochi

The throes of the Olympic Games are upon us.  And since my interest peaked when Barbados bested Bermuda by adding flip flops to their opening ceremony ensemble, we thought it would be best to assign our Olympic CouchPress Credential to someone who has a real grasp on what the Olympics are, and what this ancient athletic fiesta is all about.  Covering the Olympics for SOFC will be Alysha Lynch, curator and captain of  Mud Racing at this point has more merit as an Olympic event than most of this nonsense anyway….

Alysha on the BEST moments so far in the Olympics:


1.       Skiathlon coverage:  I don’t even know the guys name that is doing the coverage for NBC but give that guy an Oscar for his enthusiasm for a sport that is as boring as watching paint dry.   I found myself getting excited watching the men trying to beat out one another on skis to get better positioning and worrying if the US guy was ok when he got tripped by another athlete.  And then they threw in a news piece about one of Norway’s rising stars in the sport of skiathlon, I was ready to order my Norway gear to show my support! Continue reading

Goodtimes Series Opener is April 8th…better get some low impact snow running in while you can.

The only thing that could have been this better is if a DPW plow came through to scrape Chelsea’s low-impact carcass off the pavement.

Hey, I aint mad at you, Chelsea and Michael. You’re probably just getting ready for the Spring Goodtimes series. Come April 8th, I’ll be in near cardiac arrest…sweating out the Guinness while Chelsea and Michael will be breaking the sound barrier as they pass me.


Hi Fellow Good Timers,

 I wanted to write and make you aware of several changes to the 2014 Good Times Series before you see them on Facebook or some other social media outlet.

 The first change you may already be aware of is that this year’s series will be based out of Finn’s Irish Pub located diagonally across from Hookslide Kelly’s. We first got wind that Hookslides may be in danger of closing last fall, so we began a search for a backup spot just in cast this did happen.

 Switching location is not something we took lightly. We did not want to leave Hookslides. They have been a great host and we are sad that they had to close. Our sincere thanks go to both Mike and Brian for supporting us the past five years and for being great hosts.

  Our first step was to initiate the help of the Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. They arranged for us to visit multiple sites allowing us some choice in selecting a new location.  We selected Finns because of its close proximity to our existing course, the facility is large enough to accommodate us, the bar prices are reasonable and in-line with what we had and finally, and most important, the ownership welcomed us with open arms.

 The second change was actually more difficult for us then finding a new location. Over the past five years we have been improving the series by adding chip timing, video, improved raffles, custom bibs, added prizes and a host of infrastructure improvements. Also the rising cost of insurance, permits, etc. have contributed to our expenses. Despite all this we have been able to maintain a low entry fee. 

 In order for us to maintain the quality of the series and in some cases make additional improvements we will need to increase entry-fees. The cost per race will remain at $10 per race if you sign-up for a season pass. I hope you agree that this is still one of the best race deals around. Our individual races (if you sign-up on race night) will be increased to $15/race.  We’ll keep the youth rate at $5/race.

 The final change will be with our course. The old University of Lowell Bridge is gone and we will now run over the new Richard Howe Bridge. This will require us to change the start and finish. As soon as the weather improves a new course will be measure and certified. As soon as those details are worked out We will post the new course on our website. 

 Thanks for being part of the series and I hope you will join us in 2014.

 Dave Camire

 Good Times Founder