Legislative Breakfast Caption Contest

“These opening bands are shit. Can we get to Dick Howe Jr. already.”

5 thoughts on “Legislative Breakfast Caption Contest

  1. “Rita? Yup. Rodney…hahaha? Yup. Rourkie? Please. Kennedy? Kiss off the glass and in. Belanger? hmmm. Belanger…how do I buy Belanger? Yup.”- Kevin Murphy

  2. @nikiinthehouse is the worst twitter handle on the planet. Grow up Tsongas crew.

  3. “Niki Tsongas getting choked out by a black neck brace.” (Good Look)

  4. “Lowell Five- Starts with a good conversation” was right about the time I threw in the towel.- Don Draper

  5. “Why does this finger smell like a booger?”- Lowell City Manager Kevin Murphy

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