Goodtimes Series Opener is April 8th…better get some low impact snow running in while you can.

The only thing that could have been this better is if a DPW plow came through to scrape Chelsea’s low-impact carcass off the pavement.

Hey, I aint mad at you, Chelsea and Michael. You’re probably just getting ready for the Spring Goodtimes series. Come April 8th, I’ll be in near cardiac arrest…sweating out the Guinness while Chelsea and Michael will be breaking the sound barrier as they pass me.


Hi Fellow Good Timers,

 I wanted to write and make you aware of several changes to the 2014 Good Times Series before you see them on Facebook or some other social media outlet.

 The first change you may already be aware of is that this year’s series will be based out of Finn’s Irish Pub located diagonally across from Hookslide Kelly’s. We first got wind that Hookslides may be in danger of closing last fall, so we began a search for a backup spot just in cast this did happen.

 Switching location is not something we took lightly. We did not want to leave Hookslides. They have been a great host and we are sad that they had to close. Our sincere thanks go to both Mike and Brian for supporting us the past five years and for being great hosts.

  Our first step was to initiate the help of the Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. They arranged for us to visit multiple sites allowing us some choice in selecting a new location.  We selected Finns because of its close proximity to our existing course, the facility is large enough to accommodate us, the bar prices are reasonable and in-line with what we had and finally, and most important, the ownership welcomed us with open arms.

 The second change was actually more difficult for us then finding a new location. Over the past five years we have been improving the series by adding chip timing, video, improved raffles, custom bibs, added prizes and a host of infrastructure improvements. Also the rising cost of insurance, permits, etc. have contributed to our expenses. Despite all this we have been able to maintain a low entry fee. 

 In order for us to maintain the quality of the series and in some cases make additional improvements we will need to increase entry-fees. The cost per race will remain at $10 per race if you sign-up for a season pass. I hope you agree that this is still one of the best race deals around. Our individual races (if you sign-up on race night) will be increased to $15/race.  We’ll keep the youth rate at $5/race.

 The final change will be with our course. The old University of Lowell Bridge is gone and we will now run over the new Richard Howe Bridge. This will require us to change the start and finish. As soon as the weather improves a new course will be measure and certified. As soon as those details are worked out We will post the new course on our website. 

 Thanks for being part of the series and I hope you will join us in 2014.

 Dave Camire

 Good Times Founder

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