MBTA is the #3 Regional Transit provider in…pause for effect…the country.


This one’s a surprise: Boston–and by extension, its pride and joy of a transit system–was ranked the third best US city for public transportation by Walk Score.

To assemble the ranking, Walk Score calculated the Transit Score of 316 cities and nearly 7,000 neighborhoods. Boston scored a 75, falling behind New York (81) and San Francisco (80.)

Transit Scores were based on the average resident’s access to public transit in the city, using a population-weighted methodology. Only cities with more than 500,000 people were included in the top list.

Walk Score said the ranking favored Northeast cities “with established subway systems.”

As I pick myself up off the floor, I’m realizing I’m going to have to totally recalibrate my expectations for service as a frequent flyer on the purple and orange trains. Here I was this whole time thinking “Overall Experience” was the sum of reliability, comfort, and safety. Turns out that as long as your text messaging operator doesn’t try to takeout an inbound Amtrak train, or your conductor doesn’t fatally stab someone with their hole’punchah for not buying their ticket at the station, you should consider yourself serviced. #3 overall level serviced.

One thought on “MBTA is the #3 Regional Transit provider in…pause for effect…the country.

  1. Those conductors can be total dicks over the ticket thing…spot on.

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