Did Ralph do it again or did Ralph do it again!

Zach Parise
Look at these high fashion nukes we’re sending over to Russia. I’m not going to lie, I had a little movement in the pants when I saw this get up. I’m pretty sure it was the outfit, but it may also have been Zach Parise in the outfit. Either way, your move Putin.

PS. I’m pretty sure Canada already pulled once they saw these things.

3 thoughts on “Did Ralph do it again or did Ralph do it again!

  1. It’s almost as bad as all of the hideous hockey jerseys that Nike has designed for the Sochi games. Even worse is the damn sweater is $595 dollars (found that on the website.)

  2. I hope he also made these bad boys resistant to suicide bombers and the KGB. I’d upgrade to a version with a GPS tracking device, vodka flame thrower, and cloak of invisibility.

    • Between you and I, I just assumed they’d walk out in ass-less leather chaps to as the finishing move to Putin.

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