The Best Tumblr in the Biz


Council Couture indeed. And just like that, FreckledBoobs run as the best Tumblr in the biz is officially over. Locally run (I assume), CoreyBelangersVests now wears the crown. It’s as well done as it gets.

Whoever curates this master piece, consider me your new best friend that you haven’t met yet.

h/t to Councilor Vesta

2 thoughts on “The Best Tumblr in the Biz

  1. The Missus has been sick this week with an awful case of the SARS, she requested some of the lemon soup from the Athenian on Tues. night, as I waited for the order to come up standing there watching the CC meeting on TV I said aloud “Corey Bellanger is dressed for success.”

  2. Corey Belanger should just wear polo shirts with his bar logo on them rather than looking like he hijacked a men’s warehouse delivery.

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