Using Google+ to staulk your batshit crazy exfiance is going to land you in the clink 100% of the time.


Daily Mail

A man has been arrested after his Google+ account sent an automated invitation to his ex-fiancée.
A Massachusetts court ruled that the invitation violated the no-contact terms of the restraining order that Tom Gagnon’s fiancée took out against him.
Gagnon, 32, argued that he never sent the message to his ex, who has not been named, and that it was sent automatically by Google.
Gagnon’s attorney Neil Hourihan said that his client had no control over the message and did not mean for it to be sent due to the restrictions put in place by the restraining order.
Salem News reports that Hourihan said Google operates differently than Facebook, where users personally select which friends are extended requests.
Instead, he said, Google+ sends friend requests to ‘anyone you’ve ever contacted’.
Salem District Court judge Robert Brennan admitted on Friday December 20 that he was murky on how exactly Google operated their notification system, and set bail for Gagnon at $500 after issuing a stern warning.
Judge Brennan was the one who heard the restraining order case just days before the arrest.
Gagnon proposed to his girlfriend with a $4,000 ring on Friday December 13th and she broke up with him the next day. It is unclear whether she accepted or still has the ring.

Pretending that this story is real…I guess the protocol here is that we’re supposed to feel sorry for Tommy Gagnon. Well F’that. Breaking News: All girls are crazy. My loving, beautiful, compassionate wife is certifiable. Sorry bro, If you don’t want to violate restraining orders, you don’t dabble in bullshit like Google+. WTF is Google+ anyway? I’m pretty sure that’s where all the Myspace pedophiles migrated to once they realized that they were creeping out other pedophiles.
The bottom line is that if you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime…or troll your insane ex-whatever on socially unaccepted media platforms.

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