Frozen Fenway > NFL Playoffs


That’s not an amazing Grateful Dead set list, that’s my Saturday agenda. Technically it starts with swimming lessons for 3 year-olds, but then I’d really be rubbing everyone’s noses into it.
I’m expecting the Chiefs to have potted a minimum 3 on the Huskies before my first bathroom trip. And that’s not me being cocky, that’s just good science. Nobody this side of Mystery, AK can skate with the Chiefs outdoors. It hasn’t happened, it won’t happen. Unless Russell Crowe and his double runners just accepted a full scolly to Northeastern, it will be victory beers on you at the Cask. 7-0 Hawks, win.
As for the Pats, I expect them to sweat out the double u. 40- 3 Pats, Win.

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