Would it be uncouth to roll an Amish fireplace into the office?


I work in the John Hancock tower and get to enjoy the splendor of these views for roughly 9 hours a day …or until it gets dark. The draw back (besides that it sucks a bag’o’D’s trying to get in and out of the Back Bay) is that it never really reaches 55 degrees in the office. It’s a polar vortex every day, all day.
I popped over to Home Depot yesterday to grab a space heater and was told that there literally is none left at any store in the entire country. Talk about diabolical. Apparently the Chinese can’t handle the demand of the vortex, and it’s strangely comforting.
That said, I find it absolutely hysterical when you ask a Home Depot guy if they have an item and are met with “If I have– anything, it would be…” If “I have?” Settle down Tool Man Taylor, you work in a giant box of Chinese bulk. If I wanted the True Value attitude, I’d go to a hardware store.

The only option I have left is the ole Amish Fireplace.

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