The forbidden fruit will be tasted…Yuengling arrives early March.


Distribution rights have been awarded…we’ll all be tipping these Bad Larry’s for the start of March. Book it.

Now for all you craft beer tools coming out of the woodwork to shit on Yuengling…relax. Nobody is saying its Heady Topper. It’s merely a tasty bev, that Floridians (among many) and their refined palettes can buy in 1/2 barrels, and we’re stuck smuggling 12 packs from upstate New York meth-towns.

It’s about access. I still get as excited buying beer as I did when I was 21. So many flavors, so many colors. (Yes, I buy beer all the time based on packaging color. I actually still have the remnants of a Narragansett 18 pack in the fridge because I liked the vintage look of the case. It’s still there because it’s f’all beer.) That’s what makes this exciting. Going to the packie and buying Yuengling because you feel like it.

5 thoughts on “The forbidden fruit will be tasted…Yuengling arrives early March.

  1. Did you have to sleep with a big bearded brewer to get these details? I’m not judging if you did…I would sell out for the details on Yuengling too.

  2. I have a feeling the arrival of Yuengling will be a similar experience to arrival of Sonic. Super exciting until you get diarrhea for the first time.

  3. It’s hard to be Yuengling for flavor at that price point. The fact that I trek three cases home every time I drive out East is a sign…

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